The Nature of Chicago

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Abrams, scientific journal writer and cofounder of Caretakers of the Environment International, believes that to see the real Chicago one must venture beyond the steel and concrete of the city, and she has written a fascinating guide to help travelers discover and understand the natural sites. Abrams begins by placing Chicago in geologic time, 400 million years ago, when the Silurian Sea covered the Mississippi valley. She discusses the role of the Ice Age glaciers that shaped the land, the influence of Lake Michigan on the climate, and the biology of natural habitats. Each section offers tours of parks, rivers, gardens, trails, natural history museums, and other sites. A year-round calendar of events and a directory of Chicago nature organizations completes this enlightening guide, which will challenge anyone who asserts that "nature" and "city" are mutually exclusive. Highly recommended.?Pamela W. Bellows, Northwestern Conn. Community Tech. Col. Lib., Winstead

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Whether the goal is a wetland to explore or a hilly park to bike-ride in, a nature tour of the Lake Michigan dunes or a visit to the giraffes and gorillas at Brookfield Zoo, this unique guide has it all. Natural history buffs will learn where to look for Native American trails, ancient lakeshores, wildlife sanctuaries, and museums with nature exhibits. Outdoor enthusiasts will find new places to fish, swim, canoe, hike, toboggan, or picnic with the family. All the sites are presented as tours, with travel directions and tips for a successful visit. A calendar of year-round outdoor events and a listing of nature-friendly organizations is included.

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About the Book

“Stanley was a bright and willing student and, although he’d never sung a word of Hebrew, he did know some French... thus, I convinced myself that Stanley would learn enough Hebrew to sing his Torah portion during the Bar Mitzvah service.”

“The Jewish, Vegan, Hawaiian Bar Mitzvah” is the story of Stanley, a 13-year-old-boy who comes of age in this Jewish tradition. Three Orthodox Rabbis and a Reform grandmother are caught in a web of religious and cultural traditions, and together they must make it happen.

The setting is Hawaii, a state with gorgeous scenery, lush vegetation and fabulous beaches. The invited guests are a fascinating mix of ethnic groups, including vegans, surfers and spiritual folk. Will they make it a heartwarming experience? And will Stanley deserve many Mazel Tovs ( good luck wishes )?

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The Jewish Vegan Hawaiian Bar Mitzvah

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About the Records

Folk singer Roxana Alsberg and biology teacher Isabel Abrams combine forces on this collection of children’s songs that explain how food nourishes the body and makes us grow. Each track begins with a brief introduction followed by a catchy tune that teaches a scientific concept and helps make learning fun and interactive. These albums are geared towards children aged three to eight.

Song list:

Do You Know How You Grow – Inside

1. See How I Grow

2. When You Were New

3. Three Meals A Day

4. What Do I Do? Digest!

5. When I Swallow

  1. 6.Your Blood is Like a Railroad Train

  2. 7.The Food I Eat

Do You Know How You Grow – Outside

  1. 1.See How I Grow

  2. 2.Let's Name Some Parts that Grow

  3. 3.I'll Do More Bye and Bye

  4. 4.Your Tongue Goes Walking

  5. 5.My Skin Will Fit

  6. 6.The Parts of Me Are in a Race

  7. 7.Counting Pounds and Counting Feet

  8. 8.Measure Yourself

  9. 9.I've Got Daddy's Nose

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Do You Know How You Grow – Inside and Outside

Two records with science songs and lyrics

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