“Wisdom from the Wild” contains ideas that come directly from nature and from encounters with scientists, environmentalists, youth and teachers. I hope their wisdom enlightens and delights you. 
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Dear Reader,
I’d like to share some of my memorable moments with you. They occurred during my career as a science, health, and environmental journalist, when scientists and environmentalists I met expressed astonishing ideas. I came upon them at conferences and during interviews for articles in Current Health 2, Current Energy and Ecology, Science Challenge, Biology Bulletin and other magazines, and while writing my book THE NATURE OF CHICAGO. 
As co-founder and Director of Communications for Caretakers of the Environment International, an environmental education network, I’ve also met many amazing teens and teachers from different countries. These intelligent and creative  individuals are rarely supported by government, or even their schools. Yet they work hard to improve the land they call home. What life-changing adventures we’ve had in the past 22 years!  For example, at annual conferences, we’ve hiked together in the Russia’s Arctic tundra; taken an aerial tram through Costa Rica’s tropical forest; and watched zebras and elephants on South African grassland. The audacity, creativity and energy of these youth inspire me with hope for the future.    

“Wisdom from the Wild” contains ideas that come directly from nature and from the humans that inhabit this strange and lovely planet. I hope their wisdom enlightens and delights you. After all, as my father (known as Grandpa Fred) often said, “There is nothing more exciting than a new idea.” 

Isabel Abrams

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